iPhone App for Webasto Heater

iPhone APP for Webasto Heater Thermo Top E / C / P

WiFi OBD adapter for wireless readout the fault memory or operation of the component test, the Webasto heater Thermo Top E / C / P and auxiliary heater C / Z.


This wireless adapter is available here

WiFi OBD Interface Buy now

WiFi OBD Adapter Buy now

Reading Wifi settings and network settings in the iPhone for the right adapter for use with the OBD fault memory, and running the unit tests.
Network Iphone IP Adress Iphone

Start screen of the iPhone App (full version).
Pressing the Start button connects wirelessly to the iPhone heater After the active compound of the iPhone with the heater, they see the data in the table (only with the full version)

 Startscreen Webasto Iphone App  

Operating data in the heating mode of the Webasto heater Thermo Top E / C / P.
Preheating and heating
(Only with the full version)

 Starting the heater and operating data  heating

Here is a summary of the error memory of the Webasto heater Thermo Top E / C / P.
Left: operating at low voltage (10sec. at 9.76V)
Right: operating with a defective combustion air fan
(Full Version)

In the unit test you can test all components of the heater Webasto Thermo Top E / C / P to function.

All components can be wirelessly to your iPhone switch on and off.
(Only with the full version)

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Webasto Remote PRO für Thermocall TC1 - TC1.1 - TC2

Remote PRO
APP for iPhone

Conveniently switch the heater on and off.

Click on these buttons can be assigned two additional commands send
 Remote Pro for Webasto Thermocall TC2  Remote Pro for Thermocall TC2

Here is the phone number of the thermocall is entered.
Bottom left:
Selection of Thermo Call

Here the additional commands are defined.

 select the right Thermocall TC2  more commands for the Thermocall TC2

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