Shipping Overview
(*): The delivery times shown here are for payment by Soforüberweisung or MoneyBookers for payment with Sepaüberweisung the specified delivery time to 3 business days extended from the date on which you have paid.
The deadline for delivery begins when paying by Sepaüberweisung the day after the payment order to the remitting bank or for other payments on the day to run after the conclusion and ends with the expiry of the last day of the period. Falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday delivery nationally recognized, the last day of the period, as occurs, the next business day.
The shipping cost is calculated according to the weight of goods that is stated separately in each product description.

Delivery time information
DE 4-8 Workdays DE 6-10 Workdays DE 14 Workdays
EU 7-11 Workdays EU 9-13 Workdays EU 17 Workdays
All other 16 Workdays All other 18 Workdays All other 20 Workdays


 Ships to DE
until5kg 6,99 EUR
until10kg 6,99 EUR
until15kg 10,50 EUR
until20kg 11,60 EUR
until30kg 15,30 EUR

 Ships to AT, BE, DK, NL, LU, PL, SK, SI, CZ, HU
until5kg 17,01 EUR
until15kg 17,01 EUR
until20kg 19,00 EUR
until30kg 22,50 EUR

 Ships to FR, FX, IT, MC, SE, EE, LV, LT, PT, ES
until5kg 15,51 EUR
until15kg 18,80 EUR
until20kg 23,00 EUR
until30kg 27,50 EUR

 Ships to BG, FI, GR, IE, RO
until5kg 38,50 EUR
until15kg 43,80 EUR
until20kg 56,00 EUR
until30kg 65,50 EUR



 Ships to DE
until10kg 6,99 EUR
until20kg 12,00 EUR
until30kg 13,99 EUR

 Ships to AT, BE, BG, DK, EE, FI, FR, FX, GR, IE, IT, LV, LT, LU, MT, MC, NL, PL, PT, RO, SE, SK, SI, ES, CZ, ZG, CY
until5kg 17,98 EUR
until10kg 22,99 EUR
until20kg 33,99 EUR
until30kg 53,54 EUR

 Ships to AD, AL, AM, AZ, BA, EA, FO, GE, GI, GL, GG, IS, JE, IC, KZ, HR, LI, MK, ME, NO, RU, SM, CH, GB, RS, TR, UA, VA
until10kg 35,70 EUR
until20kg 49,99 EUR
until30kg 55,00 EUR

 Ships to EG, DZ, BH, IR, IQ, IL, YE, JO, CA, QA, KW, LB, LY, MA, OM, SA, SY, TN, US, AE
until5kg 36,00 EUR
until10kg 47,99 EUR
until20kg 68,98 EUR
until30kg 93,99 EUR

 Ships to NZ, AU, KR, BS, BB, BY, BO, BR, BN, CL, TW, CN, CO, MX, NP, IN, JM, JP, CR, GH, HT, HN, TH
until5kg 42,99 EUR
until10kg 59,99 EUR
until20kg 92,99 EUR
until30kg 124,99 EUR


Island surcharge
When shipping to German islands we charge an island surcharge up to 31 kg in the amount of 11.31 EUR.

Bulky goods surcharge
For heavy and bulky items we charge per delivery address a surcharge of 11.90 EUR to 119,00 EUR to the stated shipping costs. On the exact price surcharge will be specifically mentioned on the product page.

Cash on delivery
When paying by cash on delivery a surcharge of 5.50 EUR applies.

Taxes and duties
Please note that cross-border shipments may incur additional Tax may arise on (such as in the case of an intra-Community acquisition) and / or charges, in the form of customs duties, which are to be borne by you.


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