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DOT4 Super brake fluid (1.0 L)

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Part No.:2204794
Manufacturer Part-No.:2204794
Weight:1.00 kg
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Brake Fluid SUPER DOT 4 PLUS is a high performance synthetic brake fluid for hydraulic brake and clutch systems with a boiling point of at least 265 ° C and a wet boiling point of at least 170 ° C.
Brake Fluid SUPER DOT 4 PLUS is a mixture of polyethylene glycol ethers and additives.
High wet boiling point min. 170 ° C
High viscosity index at -40 ° C
Good corrosion resistance at high temperatures

High operational reliability even after prolonged operation time
A better response of the brake at temperatures down to -40 ° C
Increased security booth
Miscible with same specification brake

Motor vehicle brake system acc. DOT 3 / DOT 4
Kfz. Coupling system acc. DOT 3 / DOT 4
Recommended for vehicles with ABS braking

Brake fluid only original store closed. Brake fluid containers immediately after use airtight seal.
When refilling brake fluid strictly adhere to the manufacturer. When filling of the hydraulic braking system is absolute cleanliness required. This fluid can cause damage to the vehicle paintwork cause.
Classifications, specifications, performance:
Brake Fluid DOT 4
Exceeds DOT 3
FMVSS 116 SAE J 1703, J 1704 ISO 4925
In practice and tested in aggregates with filling properly



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