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Resistance points of Air Top air heater units
Resistance points Airflow
When designing air ducting systems, it must be ensured that a continuous main line with openings that cannot be closed is provided. When using branches, the lines branched off from the main line are not taken into account. As a result, these can also be designed so that they can be closed off. If the listed air ducting parts are used, the sum of the resistance points may not exceed the maximum number of resistance points.

Air Ducting System The WEBASTO AIR DUCTING SYSTEM comprises a large number of components which can be used together in any type of application. The different components are usually connected by flexible air hoses, but in many instances, it is also possible to join the items directly. The nominal diameter of the components always refers to the mounting dimension, i.e. in most cases a diameter of 55 mm/60 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm. The system can also be connected with other diameters such as 2 inch or 75 mm. Because everything fits together so easily, installation costs are very low, so this system is very attractive for every type of warm or cold air ducting system.

Technical data of plastic parts:
Material: Plastic, glass fibre reinforced, black
Operating temperature: -40°C...+140°C
Strength: resistant to shock and accidental damage
Vibration resistance: max. 5 g
Shock resistance: max. 100 g
Chemical resistance: against detergents for plastics, greases, fuels
Connections: Components clip together. The units will hold flexible ducting, only with hose clips

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