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Know the exchange part
Exchange Part

What is a replacement part
Replacement parts are recycled according to the manufacturers parts that are completely disassembled, cleaned and re-assembled, but all-in or defective parts replaced, and all gaskets and O-rings.

deposit (amount) for the used parts
The price for the used parts of the deposit depends on the value of the producers (Remanufacturers) is given.

What state should have used parts
The used parts can not: Cutting to any attachments may be missing or seized and / or be rusted.
The used parts that you need and send back with the same part of you from the Ersatzteilbox delivered.
If the extensive used parts e.g. externally damaged, can the deposit amount not refunded, as the manufacturer, this deposit amount is not refundable.
In this case, it may be cheaper for you, a new part to order!

warranty on the replacement part
The warranty on replacement parts is 1 year warranty and 1 year.

repayment of the deposit amount paid
After us the undismantled used parts sent, we will consider this if all the criteria for withdrawal are met, you get the amount paid for the used parts returned.

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