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Sep 22 2011

Thermocall TC3 iPhone APP

New Webasto Thermo Call App for iPhone now at App Store

With this app you can easily control the new TC3 Webasto Thermo Call on your iPhone, thus eliminates a handheld transmitter for remote control and you have your bags free.
You can send the heater by pushing a button on o
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Sep 21 2011

Eberspächer Calltronic

The new Calltronic from Eberspächer is now available
With the new Calltronic you can get your heater by voice or by text message immediately to the heat activation, It can be preset delay time, or the heater will be informed whether you want to stand as heating or ventilation. The Callt
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Mär 01 2011

Webasto heater with E10

Since 1.Jannuar 2011 are available at filling stations petrol fuel E10. These have a 10% blend of ethanol (previously 5% max.).
PRINCIPLE is a distinction between Webasto heaters - retrofit or original equipment

Cars - - Here are the following Webasto hea
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